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Oh, everything here is in constant flux, and ever changing. So we decide to set up a permanent Announcement Bulletin Board on our Website to keep you all apprised of our progress and development, and of any news or notices that may arise from time to time. Please visit often and check us out. Thank you in advance for your support, of any kind...

WARNING: Being overworked and underpaid (by choice, of course, after all, we are championing for a cause... - or is it no choice?) has made all of us kind of nutty sometimes. If you happen to notice some silly jokes, flippancy, cheekiness, rambunctiousness, or sarcasm from time to time, it is nothing more than our GROWBY "equivalence" of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Pilate or T.M. (i.e. for those of us who simply cannot meditate or even keep still!)

Tongue in Cheek Look, that is not a porno logo (We really can use a better artist!) - it is supposed to be GROWBY's official Tongue in Cheek seal of approval.


Another major Website makeover to make our theme cleaner and clearer. We hope you find our mission inspiring.

Divide our features into 6 major categories:

which encompass some of these new topics:

Just as we are launching these new changes, we are already contemplating another revolutionary renovation to our site. So stay tuned, or you may miss out.


3 swell agenda to start off new year 2005:

(1) If you loyal GROWBY fans are wondering about our long hiatus, then read our exclusive "Year End Confession".

(2) Add 6 new games: ( which actually were meant to be promoted in July... Oh yes, we had our share of problems...) )

(3) Explain the GROWBY Scoring Scheme... For you creative game inventors out there, here is your big chance to take advantage of this imaginative schema to dream up a few more new and unique games of your own!


Guess what? You eager Cyberfolks who have been waiting with abated breath for this: the official launching of the GOODIES in our Hide and SeekHide and Seek Game.


Tongue in CheekSorry, sorry, and sorry again, for leading you fun-seeking folks on such a wild-goose-oops-bears-chase, after being "forced" to promise you with so much fanfare & pageantry about the dancing polar bears. Now her royal highest, (Notice the lower case and smaller font!) our G.I. (blimy has-been, out-of-date programmer) has just informed us, (well, actually confessed, in her not unusually confused way) that there are no dancing bears in our site. You see, our G.I. is no artist - she can hardly draw dancing sticks, never mind dancing bears, or any bears for that matter. So there you have it - or not have it - NO BEARS! Instead, she is back to the drawing board (drawing for a non-artist?) dreaming up some other silly mini-animation that she can actually handle (beg, steal, borrow, or expropriate...)


Firstly, may we present the Two Cows Analogy for your entertainment?

Secondly, despite much heated argument (not debate), against all sagely and professional advice, on the evil of wasteful bandwidth and irritating distraction, our G.I. (bγαχδy programmer! - oops, watch your language - this is a family-friendly site - well, OK, blimy programmer!) insisted on putting dancing polar bears on our Oh-So-Very-Serious-Business Website. Well, eventually we were forced to compromise.ª  Our G.I. would have her darn bears, but she must hide them in some obscure corners, so as not to contaminate our normal business. So there you have it, folks - for the very small minority of you who are dying to see those silly little dancing animals, you will just have to hunt around for themº - case closed.  AND! No more bothering us on this ridiculous issue ever again.Tongue in Cheek

º Hint: try the Hide and Seek button on the GameLand Page.

ª You see, she's the boss (well, at least for now), so she shall have her pompous little way, and sooner or later will get us into trouble... But you just wait and see, (à la Pygmalion) we will eventually turf such belligerent upstart from our midst, just like how Apple has done to Steve Job.


  • Properly define and distinguish the 2 V.V.'s (Virtual Villages)
  • Herculean attempt at clarifying GROWBY's concept and philosophy in the Co-Op Home Page. Apparently, according to friendly comments, GROWBY's theme was as clear as mud.
  • Introduce the Entrepreneur Page


Add 6 new games:


Subdivide our WebSite into 2 V.V.'s (Virtual Villages): GameLand and Co-Operative Community.


Add 4 new games:


Official launching of G.R.O.W.B.Y. into Cyberspace!

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an idealogical concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.   
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