Classroom Antics

The following list of anecdotes describe various aspects of school life. You are welcome to read them for pure entertainment. But they also serve as some of the scripts for the GROWBY game of Psycho-Babble. This is an apt illustration of how versatile GROWBY can be.

Pulling His Pants

More than ten years later, Joe can still recall my complaining about Professor D's unsightly habit of pulling his pants in class, while I have long since forgotten. What I do remember is the day-and-night contrast between him and his predecessor Professor B. I swear Dr. B taught us grad material and the whole class was lost except maybe the odd genius. I was an A student in my first year, but now I was in fear of failing this second year course. Everybody was relieved when Dr. D took over for the second semester, even though I doubt Dr. B's departure had anything to do with us. Perverse that I was, I found Dr. D's lecture material so trivial in comparison I began to lose heart in learning.

More to be continued...

Future Attractions

To be implemented soon

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