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The GROWBY Community

We want to mold our GROWBY Community into a synergy of all the essence extracted from invigorating organizational concepts such as

We want everybody involved to be totally committed to GROWBY. They would work towards its growth, finance towards its expansion, support towards its prosperity.

An Introductory Tour of GROWBY

Our GROWBY Website has been over 18 years in the making ( - some people, like our G.I., are just kind of slow - see History). It has originally germinated from an intriguing idea for a challenging game. Henceforth, it has evolved and grown. Hopefully, it will continue to evolve and prosper for the next 18,000 years. It is a concept that is worthy of flourishing unto eternity - a utopia conceived out of healthy ideology - may only the best survive...

Nothing can be all things to all people, but we certainly can be many things to many people, offering you a cornucopia of intellectual delights, which are so versatile that they can be whatever you want them to be - because it is the magical result of your own creativity and imagination. You will find a huge variety of topics, seemingly bearing no relationship to each others. Your challenge is to apply insightful talents to create your very own synergistic potpourri.

We welcome and encourage your participation, to contribute to the success of the GROWBY Community. We have a sincerely novel concept in terms of membership, which requires NOT a fee, but a good heart.

To participate in any of the programs run by the GROWBY Community (G.C.), you must be a GROWBY member in good standing.

The success of G.C. depends on the promotion of our ideology:

GROWBY is too ambitious an endeavor to be attempted by a solitary soul. So we have decided to open our concepts to the world of intellects out in Cyberspace (just like Linux and Freedow). Please explore our Website. You will find our ideas unique, controversial, unconventional, radical, outrageous, wild, politically incorrect, inspiring and heart-warming. Feel free to participate in our Open Forum. We want you to support our Holy Grail and march on our crusade towards a better world. We are sure you would find many of our programs worthy of your support. We welcome your help to make our dream into reality. Who knows, your voluntary contribution to GROWBY may just be your jumping board to a new career. It is a win-win situation, all the way...

Some day, GROWBY shall become a sensation, a household name. And you will be so proud that you are a part of that success.

Corporate Concepts Nouveau

To be an employee of GROWBY, you must first be accepted as her share owner. Each employee owns exactly one GROWBY share and is entitled to one vote. Innovative suggestions and constructive criticism are actively encouraged and rewarded. Each worker merits his pay raise and/or promotion through an evaluation process involving rankings by his peers, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, users and customers. A disruptive worker can be dismissed from the organization through a petition and a tribunal decision process. Every employee shares an equal year end bonus based on the cooperative success of the GROWBY organization as a whole.

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an ideological concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.

Updated: 05/02/02
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