2004 Year End Confession

I am trying to put on a brave face and make this tongue in cheek Tongue in Cheek. You will have to tell me if I succeed. You see, the term we here actually means me, myself, I, and all my schizophrenic clones. Yes, folks, I am everything at GROWBY, from CEO to janitor. So when I cannot be productive, the whole GROWBY grinds to a halt. (See what I mean about needing volunteers?) And three years ago, I sustained a traumatic experience which has since turned chronic. The after-effect has been gradual and insidious. So now my performance is unpredictable. But I am still struggling very hard to turn things around, which I plan to document into an eBook. So please be patient, and stay tuned for my mystery story... I promise you it will be forthcoming... just cannot tell when...

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