Educational Value of GROWBY

We here at GROWBY believe that kids nowadays are exposed to too much TV, video games, computer and the Internet, thus are inundated with sex, violence, social isolation and deviance. Hopefully, playing with GROWBY can restore the much needed balance.

Playing GROWBY enhances your thinking, nourishes your creativity, encourages your competitive spirit, by providing development in the following:

Social Interaction

A GROWBY game can involve the whole family, and/or a circle of friends. Let's have fun and laugh together, rather than having the TV to substitute as the baby sitter.


Many of the GROWBY games involve team work and cooperative effort. There are too many to list them all - please just come see for yourself.

Symbolism and Imagination

The whole concept of GROWBY evolves around symbolism. The GROWBY game board is a network of colored shapes (double symbols). Such icons are creative representation of our material world, where you journey to as far as your imagination can carry, playing make-believe whichever you fantasize. There is absolutely no limit to its boundless possibilities. Try any of our games and see for yourself - use your imagination - the sky is the limit:

Teaching Aids

If you are a teacher in need of instructional tools to help your students to grasp certain concepts, please consider GROWBY. Explore some of the following games to appreciate how GROWBY may be of assistance:

Knowledge and Intellectual Challenge

Need we say more - see for yourself:

Strategy Planning and Development

Everybody loves to win. Playing the GROWBY game is an ideal non-threatening way to develop skills and strategy to achieve that goal. Try some of these games and see for yourself:

Mathematical and Logical Skills

Many of the GROWBY games, such as:

involve various amount of computational or mathematical skills. So enjoy the game and sharpen up your math at the same time.

Basic Knowledge of Various Fields

Most of the GROWBY games, such as:

are based on real life models. As you play the game, you acquire knowledge and experience in the field.

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an ideological concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.   
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