Entrepreneurship GROWBY-Style

At GROWBY, you learn to create and run your own business. So you want to be your own boss, but

Well, we will teach you a fool-hardy way. And we will try to make it really simple, because you won't need:

Entrepreneurship on the Cheap

Here are the step-by-painful-step, in strict order:

  1. Tackle every problem with enthusiasm, humor and pizzazz. (You know: just like GROWBY...)
  2. Come up with a good idea - What product or service are you trying to sell? (You know: like our GROWBY Board Game!)
  3. Determine its feasibility - Is there a market for it? Will it be profitable? etc. (You know: like how GROWBY has been developing, evolving, and researching forever...)
  4. Plan out where and how to acquire the necessary ingredients - but don't buy or manufacture anything for the time being - you have neither the money nor the customers yet. (You know: like how GROWBY is currently still nothing but a concept.)
  5. Work through all the bugs (that's computer jargon for problems) (You know: just like how GROWBY is struggling through her progress.)
  6. Promote it vigorously on the Web - So you better learn how to be a do-it-yourself WebMaster. After all, hiring a Web designer can be very expensive. (You know: set up a site like www.GROWBY.com)
  7. Combine your ingenuity with the eHosting tools available - to determine if your idea would fly. (You know: like our GROWBY's membership drive)
  8. Delegate critical tasks to the experts - preferably for free. (You know: like GROWBY's Game Design Contest and Volunteer Recruitment)
  9. Put to work your well-layout plans (as in step 3 above), once you ascertain that you have enough customers ready and willing.
  10. If you need to hire help, select your employees from the volunteers. After all, they have already proven themselves dedicated and competent. (You know: that's why GROWBY values and relies on them so much.)
  11. Voilà! Pass around the Champaign and caviar! (You know: you should really thank GROWBY first!)

Go through the steps on the above list sequentially. If you can answer YES to every single item, you just may have a fine chance at entrepreneurship on the cheap. Any NO answer would disqualify you, or at least the cheap part.

So there you have it: simple, maybe, but, we never promise you it would be easy. You may be eating a lot of cabbage and beans, but try not to starve yourself - we don't want to be responsible for a dead entrepreneur-wanna-be. And, instead of a 9-to-5 job, you probably end up working from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., or even 24-7. But that's what happen when you're a CyberBoss! C'est la vie! Life is never fair, so just suck it up. Enough of advice - just get on with it now! Good luck... you're gonna need it...

Tongue in Cheek P.S.: Considering we CyberBosses are officially working 24-7, realistically 16-7, but feeling like 25-8, we are at least allowed to be a bit flippant and goofy, just to ward off the exhaustion virus.

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an idealogical concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.

Updated: 03/02/22
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