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There are plenty of newsgroups and chatrooms out in Cyberspace for people to rant and rave their pet peeves and gripes. What we are proposing is a means to inspire you to devote your energy towards more rewarding endeavor, such as volunteering yourself to take on a topic of your interest, to moderate the forum, to compile all the good ideas, and to make things happen! We will try to provide the virtual forum where you can congregate, discuss and exchange ideas, suggestions, comments, philosophy, politics, conspiracy theory, or even gossips? And then you shall change the world to a better place! We can only start the ball rolling. It is up to the rest of you to make it work...

The followings are just a small sample of our proposed topic areas; please feel free to create your own:

Philosophers' Corner


[2002] Stress Diet

Being raised in a cage must be stressful. The chicken must store a lot of unspent adrenaline in its muscle. Would ingesting such kind of meat not pass on the stress to us?

[2002] Brain Power

Brain "muscle" and fitness are improved through brain "exercise", just like the rest of your body.

[2002] Eye Drops

Instead of eye drops, why can the pharmaceutical not develop an eye spray from the same chemical emitted by chopping onion, so we can produce our own natural tears.

[2002] Male Afflictions

Baldness, color-blindness, hemophilia - Why do these afflictions belong (almost) exclusively to the male territory? What common thread can we draw for conclusion: hormone or gene. Should we blame the mothers since they pass down the Y chromosomes?

[2002] Gray Hair

Why does gray hair mostly sprout near the top, rather than hidden mostly underneath the pile?

[2003/02] Beer Belly

Do middle-aged men who exercise regularly and eat proper diet have pot bellies? What does that tell you?

[2003/02] Sumo Wrestlers

What is their life expectancy? Do they contract diseases commonly associated with obesity? Do their regimental disciplines play an important role?

[2003/02] Sex Drive

The North American average is sex once a week. Has the statistics changed since Viagra?

Tabloid and Gossip Column

[2002] The Late Princess Diana's Butler

Just as there was miscellaneous conspiracy theory about Princess Di' death, where it was alleged that the British Crown could not stand the thought of the future King of England being the stepson of an Arab, it would seem befitting to suggest similar conspiracy theory about Princess Di's Butler. Why did the Queen wait till the very last minute before coming forward about Paul Burrell's presumed innocence? Without Princess Di to defend herself, is it fair to publicize her alleged dirty laundry, or to make monetary gain from such slime? Is there no law against divulging other's, especially a public figure's, personal secrets, for profits?

[2002] James Bond

What about creating a 006 to surpass him?

[2002] Is Elvis Presley alive some where?

Does anybody really care?

[2002] He finally said it!

Mike Tyson: "I'm tired of being stupid."

[2002] Make-Up Glamour

Have you ever seen pictures of Marilyn Manroe without her makeup on? Do you find her drab rather than alluring?

[2002] Fame and Fortune

How they affect your psyche! Michael Jackson immediately comes to mind:

[2002] Female Celebrities

What do these women have in common:

[2002] Harry Potter

Are the adventures of Harry Potter more interesting and popular than those of Alice in the Wonderland?

[2002] Funky Fashion

Would somebody start a fashion wearing two odd socks instead of one pair of matching ones? Ditto for gloves?

[2002] Hideous Habits

How many people in our population pick their noses, or have other similar unsightly habits? How do they come about?

[2003/02] Career Training

What kind of education, training and experience are required to become a weapon inspector? Is it as dangerous as James Bond?

Social Issues

[2002] Social Engineering

A disproportional amount of resources are allocated to servicing a minority of the population: the sick, the poor, the criminals, etc. And so many of these elements overlap. Would the resources not be better spent on early education and nurturing, i.e. before they become sick, poor, or criminal? How can we lobby the politicians towards long-term gain?

[2002] The Dot.Com Phenomenon

Books have been written about the rise and fall of companies. Now that we have learned our lessons, can we do some house cleaning and rid of the hypes in Cyberspace?

[2002] BBB

Do we have an adequate Better Business Bureau for online business?

[2003/01] Underground Economy

An increasing amount of people are evading taxes. So the rest of us end up making up the difference through increased taxes. Obviously, negative reinforcement is not working - for the benefit of tax savings more than compensates for the risk of being caught with the penalty. Why doesn’t the government try positive reinforcement instead - incorporate a lottery within the taxation system, whereby the more tax one pays, the more his chance of winning it back?

[2003/01] Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

Children born to unwilling parents cannot lead a normal life. Do the Pro-Lifers realize how they are condemning those poor children to unhappiness for life? It makes more sense to require that any woman asking for an abortion first to go through counseling and to view a documentary depicting the subsequent guilt, depression and psychological damages abortion can bring about. It would be more beneficial to coordinate with adoption agencies to facilitate the process, rather than harassing some lost souls who are too frightened to do the right thing.

[2003/01] Whistle Blower

We do not have enough investigative reporters around to check out every government corruption, corporate scandal, professional misconduct, etc. Every citizen should be a moral watchdog. If you suspect anything, check it out the best you can. If you gather adequate evidence, make use of our forum to alert others.

[2003/01] Sex and Lies

Women lie about their age. Men lie about their income.

[2003/02] Taxation and Social Engineering

Instead of simply raising income tax to increase government revenue, why don't they impose more "sin" tax on products detrimental to the environment, such as gasoline, heating fuel, air conditioning, bulk printing for advertising, etc., just like they do to alcohol and tobacco?

[2003/02] Another Type of Animal-Lovers

They love to eat meat.

World Events and Politics

[2002] The 9-11 Terrorist Attack

Just as there was some conspiracy theory about Pearl Harbor, where it was alleged that the top decision makers were aware of the incoming Japanese attack, but deliberately took no preventive action, so that America could be incited into World War II, it would seem befitting to suggest similar conspiracy theory about September 11th. Is it not possible that the top brass needed a reason to rage war on Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? This theory is too horrendous to be true, but what an enticing novel it will make!

[2002] Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Why did Jim Pattison, one of the richest tycoons in Vancouver, bother to hire Glen Clark, a disgraced ex-premier?

[2003/01] Israelis and Palestinians

Why don't the Israelis simply sell their land and infrastructure back to the Arabs or Palestinians and use the proceeds to relocate to a new, more friendly homeland? Surely even the Canadian Tundra is preferable to a constant war zone. Who knows, they may even strike oil!

[2003/02] Legal Reform

Our legal system has neither kept pace with technology nor with social perspective:

[2003/02] Politics à la Two Cows

Have a little laugh with these humorous definitions.

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