GROWBY GAME - Humongous Bank

Rule of the Game

  1. To start, each G-player is allotted the 6 G-Cards and 12 GROWBY-chips which match the color of his G-pawn. The G-chips represent the money/IOU in his game.
  2. Each G-player is also the banker of the same color, with 6 branches denoted by the 6 matching color G-patterns on the game board. Cover all remaining unrepresented G-patterns on the game board with black-chips to show that those banks do not exist.
  3. Each G-player takes turn to G-slide. (NOTE: If you are starting at the G-entrance, you may have to forfeit your turn if the C-color-die does not match any of the available G-gate.)
  4. If you land on other's bank, that bank (if the G-pawn of that color is already on the board, i.e. has gone past his own G-entrance) must collect a deposit from you. Throw the G-number-die to determine how much to deposit. Use the GROWBY-chips to represent the amount of money - one GROWBY-chip per dot on the G-number-die, except if the G-number-die reads 6 (which denotes zero deposit here - see Glossary), in which case, it implies that the Banker has discovered that you are a tight wart, and promptly sends you off. G-step according to the result of the Banker's G-color-die roll.
  5. Let the Banker throws the pair of G-dice. If the G-color-die matches the color of your G-pawn, it means the Banker's salesmanship enthralls you so much that you also invest an equal amount in the bank's mutual fund.
  6. If the G-shape-die matches the G-shape of the Bank, it means you are also persuaded into buying life insurance with the bank. Pay one more GROWBY-chip.
  7. If the G-dice G-both-match the Bank, besides doing all the above, you are also persuaded (what a slick salesman this Banker is!) to transfer all your holdings from your other banks. Go through all the assets from each bank on the board and move all the GROWBY-chips matching your G-pawn's color to here, losing 10% transfer fee in the process.
  8. The Banker should stack all the GROWBY-chips collected for that branch nearby, so that its asset is known to all.
  9. If you are broke, i.e. have less money on hand to cover all the transactions above, you must borrow from the Bank at some outrageous rate. For each GROWBY-chip owing, give the bank a G-card as IOU.
  10. (INT) Every time it is your loan-shark Banker's turn to play, he can recall your loan. You must pay principal plus interest. Interest is 10% of principle, rounded to the nearest GROWBY-chip. If you cannot pay back the principle, you must at least keep up with the interest payment, which may imply another loan in the form of more IOUs. Since the interest is compounded, your previous interest payments all get lumped into the principle so you incur increasingly larger debt if you cannot pay up - c'est la vie.
  11. When it comes your turn to play and if you have the money, it is highly recommended that you pay down as much of your debt as possible. You only need to trade one GROWBY-chip for each IOU G-card - interest does not come due until the Banker's turn. And if he forgets to collect, thank your lucky star, because bad publicity and Status of Limitation prevent him from haunting you for past arrears. It's unlikely he will forget the second time around.
  12. If you land on your own bank, you must do one and only one of the following:
    1. You can deposit or invest as much as you want, not dictated by the roll of the G-number-die, in order to raise its holding large enough for a hostile takeover or bank merger.
    2. You can initiate a hostile take-over (see paragraph (A)).
    3. You can negotiate and follow through with a merger (see paragraph (B)).

      You and your partner can proceed as follows:

      • choose from one of the pair of your banks to be absorbed and place a black-chip over it. Ditto for your partner.
      • transfer the assets from your absorbed branch to your partner's surviving branch out of the pair. Ditto for your partner.
      • NOTE: this is the reason why you must have identical assets as your partner's - nobody wants to lose out.

      NOTE: There is nothing stopping you from borrowing money even if you are not broke. But you must wait till you land on a bank.

  13. If you run out of both money (GROWBY-chips) and credit (G-cards), you can reclaim part of your assets as follows: NOTE: This is your last resort. You can only do this if you are completely broke.
    1. For every GROWBY-chip from any of the banks that you can identify as yours (see paragraph (C)), you can reclaim at half-value, truncated (rounded down) to the nearest GROWBY-chip. When you are desperate, you can't expect the banks to show you mercy. The other half is lost to the common pool.
    2. Now you must repay all your outstanding loans first. However, as far as Humongous Banks are concerned, you are a bad credit risk (even though you're trying to settle your debt - bank logic ... go figures). So you cannot get your IOU G-cards back for future references.
    3. If you do not have enough, or still broke (i.e. zero balance), you are bankrupt and eliminated from the game.
    4. If you have any money left over after this traumatic experience, you can continue on the rest of your miserable life till annihilation.
  14. The game is over if:

    In either case, you are the winner, regardless of how much money your opponents still have - tough luck - we are talking about monopoly here!

(A) Hostile Take-Over (*)

Hide and SeekIf the size of your bank (just that branch you're sitting in at the moment) is at least 10 times bigger than a smaller bank, you can wipe it out and all its customers' assets are lost to the common pool. Put a black-chip over it to indicate its elimination. From now on, it represents simply another blank G-room on the game board.

(B) Bank Merger (*)

If you can find another bank (of a different color from your own) with a pair of branches with identical amount of assets as a pair of yours (not necessarily the one you're on now), you two can negotiate to merge.

(C)Reclaiming Banks


Considering how interest is calculated at 10%, rounded to the nearest GROWBY-chip (see paragraph (INT)), try to maintain your loan at even ten's to minimize the interest paid.

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