GROWBY GAME - Bull or Bear (Stock Market)

Object of the Game

To manipulate the market sector by sector and to trade stocks to win.

To Start the Game

Each G-player is assigned $100 and a G-pawn.


To End the Game

The game is over when a G-player can declare that his net worth (cash plus total stock value at market) has risen above $500, thus proclaiming himself the winner.

If more than one G-player try to proclaim themselves as winners, the one with the highest net worth wins.

Too bad for you if you fail to notice your net worth above $500 and get pre-empted by a Johnny-Come-Lately in the next round.

For Each Turn of the Game

If you want to purchase any stock, you must do so before manipulating the market.

Check the current market price of the stock on the G-board. Put a Post-It sticker with the number of shares on a corresponding G-card and keep it as your stock certificate, representing your ownership of x shares of that stock.

Calculate the required cost and pay the G-bank.

You can purchase as many different stocks as you want, as long as you have enough money.

Manipulating the Stock Market

You throw the 3 G-dice.

If the stock is listed (i.e. the G-pattern already contains a stack of G-chips on the G-board), you can manipulate that stock price either up or down at the designated amount (as set by the G-number-die), by adding or removing that number of G-chips from the stock symbol on the G-board. If in the process, you reduce the G-chips to zero or below, that stock is automatically delisted - all shareowners of that stock must surrender their stock certificates (G-cards) to the G-bank.

If that stock is not yet listed on the Exchange (G-board), the G-number set by the G-die represents its initial stock price. Put the appropriate number of G-chips on that stock symbol.

Game Accessories

For Each G-Game

For Each G-Player

Brain Teaser


Brokerage Commission

For each transaction (buy or sell) you trade, pay an extra amount as brokerage fee, based on the following formula: Hide and Seek

Advanced Version I

During Price Manipulation, most of or the whole market sector (G-shape)is affected, not just that particular stock. You must assign appropriate price change (in linear decrement) to selective stocks in that sector.

Example 1:

So now you have:
Stock Symbol Existing Price Price Change New Price Note
G-heart $6 -4 $2
Y-heart $3 -3 $0 stock is delisted
R-heart $1 -2 <$0 stock is delisted
B-heart $5 -1 $4

Example 2:

So now you have:
Stock Symbol Existing Price Price Change New Price Note
W-diamond $8 +2 $10
R-diamond $0 +1 $1 stock is now newly listed

Advanced Version II

Combine "Advanced Version I" and "Brokerage Commission".

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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