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To Start the Game

Distribute the 120 G-chips evenly amongst the participating G-players.

Rule of the Game

Each programmer (G-player) takes turn placing a statement (G-chip) strategically on the game board. The programmer whose statement completes a loop or multiple loops can claim all the statements to his credit, (i.e. He wins all the G-chips which make up the loop(s).) with one exception: infinite loop (i.e. a loop without any statement branching out)

e.g. A figure-8 is a double (thus multiple) loop.

If your statement causes such an infinite loop, you are penalized as follows: As long as the problem is not resolved (i.e. either the loop is broken, or has a branch out), you forfeit your turn, and must pay each G-player a G-chip for each turn you miss.

Rationale: One of the biggest contribution of a computer program is to relieve us from the tedious task of repetition. Thus a useful loop should be rewarded. Whereas every programmer knows the disastrous devastation caused by an infinite loop. You should pay others handsomely to work you out of the loop. The irony is, it is not to the other players' interest to resolve your problem.

You are eliminated from the game once you run out of G-chips.

To End the Game

The game ends when all but one G-player (who would be the winner) are eliminated.


Programming Restriction

Each G-player is assigned a G-color-pawn and G-color-matched G-chips (instead of the G-blank-chips).

Incorporate G-moves into the game. i.e. Instead of simply placing the G-chip wherever you desire, throw the G-dice first, and then you can either:

* NOTE: You cannot G-fly to an occupied G-site.

Advanced Programming

Same as "Programming Restriction", but with the following extra: You get a bonus (earn a G-blank-chip) if your subroutine reaches your goal (i.e. the G-chip you are putting down is the last statement of a string of G-chips terminating on a G-color-matched G-site).

Game Accessories

Extra Game Accessories for Variation Games

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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