GROWBY GAME - Cops and Robber

Object of the Game

A bunch of Cops are competing to be the first to discover the identity of the Robber. The game challenges your memory and analytical skills. It favors those players who can plan strategies that span from beginning to end.

To start the Game

Flip all 36 G-chips face-down so the G-patterns are hidden from view - all through the arrangement phase of the game. Mix them up thoroughly and select one to be kept secret. This secret G-chip is the robber.

Arrange the remaining 35 G-chips, face-down, randomly on the game board, covering some G-patterns if desired (Note: doing this tends to make the game more interesting).

To be fair, distribute the G-chips evenly amongst the G-players so that each is free to arrange his share anywhere on the board.

Hint (#)

  1. Clustered G-chips tend to mean you have a better chance of finding more clues in one round. In order to avoid such bias, if after initial arrangement, the G-chips are too clustered around certain areas on the board, they must be re-arranged by consensus.
  2. Each G-player (Cop) takes turn looking for clues. You start the investigation process by rolling the G-dice. Choose your G-move (clue). If you land on a G-chip (evidence), flip it over.
  3. If the G-room contains a G-pattern, check if it matches that of the G-chip. If the G-colors match, you can G-step through the G-gate of the same color for possibly another clue. If the G-shapes match, you may G-hop, if possible, for possibly one more clue.
  4. Check also if the G-pattern of the G-chip matches that of the G-dice. If so, you can similarly G-move for possibly more clue as described in the previous paragraph.
  5. As long as your clues (G-moves) lead to more evidences (G-chips), you can continue. Once you land on an empty G-room, your turn is over.
  6. Since every Cop keeps his discoveries to himself, immediately after the initial disclosure, the more you can memorize the better is your chance of figuring out who the Robber is. It also helps if you make a lot of discoveries yourself, since you do not need to remember those evidences in your own possession.
  7. NO CHEATING: You are not allowed to write anything down during the game, except at the end when you must put down your guess.


Some of the clues (G-matching) are likely to overlap, in which case, you are not entitled to a replacement (i.e. another G-move or G-chip). i.e. You can at most get 4 pieces of evidences (G-chips) even if you G-chip G-both-match the G-room as well as G-both-match the G-die.

After disclosing the evidence to the public, you can then keep it (G-chip) in your own file for future reference.

The game is over when all the evidences (35 G-chips) are uncovered. Each Cop (G-player) puts down his guess of the Robber's identity (G-pattern of the missing G-chip) on a piece of paper. The one(s) who guess(es) correctly is/are the winner(s). It is possible to have no winner.


Advanced Version

When arranging the G-chips, do not cover any G-pattern on the game board. You can keep on rolling the G-die and G-move as long as you are gathering evidence. You lose your turn to the next G-player the moment you land on an empty G-room.

The game is over when all the 35 evidences have been gathered. Each Cop then takes turn to interrogate his colleagues.

You can post your question to any of the other Cops. But the answer must only be in the form of YES, NO or a NUMBER.

  • e.g.

    The questionee must answer truthfully. Liars, if found, will be eliminated from the game. The first Cop to come up with the correct Robber's identity is the winner.

    You can declare your guess any time. Once done, you are allowed to check the secret G-chip representing the Robber. If you guess correctly, you win. Otherwise, you are eliminated, while the game continues on with the others.

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    Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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