GROWBY GAME - High Fashion

Object of the Game

Acquire the biggest and most complete wardrobe of fashionable clothing within budget.

Additional Rule

  1. If you have a top (blouse or T-shirt), you must have at least one bottom (pants, skirt), and vice versa.
  2. A wardrobe of only one type (e.g. jackets and nothing else) is considered hopelessly inadequate, thus would eliminate you from the game.

To Start the Game

To start, assign $400 to each G-player. This amount of G-money is your budget for both traveling and purchasing clothing. So spend it prudently.

All G-players help arrange the game board by placing 3 sets of G-chips (total 108), G-pattern side up, around G-patterned-rooms. For a more interesting game, they should be fairly unevenly distributed.

Due to the preferential treatments described in paragraph (*) below, the G-player cannot choose his G-pawn, but must determine his G-color by rolling the G-color-die.

Rule of the Game

For each round, pick a G-color-fashion-card and a G-style-fashion-card. All Buyers must purchase based on the theme set by the 2 G-fashion-cards.

For your turn: roll the G-dice and choose any of the 4 applicable G-moves. You pay for the G-move as follows:

The game ends after 4 rounds (i.e. after every G-player has 4 turns).

Extra Game Accessories


Fashion buyers are the most secretive. They would not share their ideas with anyone. So you cannot go to any city where another buyer is already there. i.e. Do not G-move to any G-occupied-room.

Once arriving at a city (G-patterned-room), you can do as much purchases as are available, as long as you can afford it. Pick a particular item and ask for the price by rolling the G-number-die. The price is determined by adding the value of the G-die to:

You can refuse to buy the item if it is too expensive. But once you refuse, you cannot ask for the same item again in this round.

Preferential Treatments (*)

If you happen to be a preferred customer in that city (i.e. the color of your G-pawn matches that of the G-color of the G-room), you get a 25% discount (see Computation Method (#) below).

Volume purchase will earn you a rebate as follows:

Computation Method (#)

To facilitate discount/rebate calculation, make your purchases as follows:

For every item you buy, pay the price by stacking the G-money in a single pile. When you are done with your shopping, count the G-money in the pile. Take back the computed discount/rebate amount, truncated (rounded down) to the nearest G-dollar. And pay the remaining to the G-bank.

If you run out of money, you can no longer participate till the end of the game, when the scores are computed. Work on it in the mean time.

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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