GROWBY GAME - Globe-Trotter

Object of the Game

To travel around the globe collecting a full set of souvenir.

To start the Game

Each G-player is given $500. All G-players help to arrange the game board by randomly linking some (not all) of the cities (G-pattern-rooms) together with G-tape. Mark the links as flight-routes, as ferry-routes or as rail-routes. Try to keep the board tidy by not criss-crossing or overlapping the links.

To Play the Game

You can choose to go by any means of transport available. During your turn, you are allowed maximum 10 hours of traveling time, which may involve multiple modes of transport. Refer to the table below for traveling cost and time for each trip:

  MODE    IN $  TIME(hr)
--------  ----  -------  ------------------------------------------
airplane  100   2	 need flight route
ferry      60   4	 need ferry route
train      40   5	 need rail route
bus        30   6	 G-fly
cycling     5   3	 G-hop or G-jump
tracking    1   1	 G-step, but no need to follow G-color, and
                           no more than 5 tracking trips per turn
Extra Game Accessories

Rules of the Game

The flight, ferry or rail is available between any 2 cities if there is a route marked on the game board.

To determine the other transportation mode available, roll the G-dice: Hide and Seek


News and Weather

To complicate matters, certain modes of transport may become impossible due to weather (such as storm, flood, etc.) or world event (such as war, environmental disaster).

For each of your turn, pick a G-weather-card and a G-news-card to see whether you need to change your travel plan.

Extra Game Accessories

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
Updated: 02/11/11
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