GROWBY GAME - Good Riddance

Object of the Game

To maximize the total number of G-chips you can reclaim.

To Start the Game

Each G-player is assigned a G-pawn and one set of 36 G-chips.

Rule of the Game

Each G-player takes turn to throw the G-dice. He then discard one of his own G-chips onto the G-game-board, based on the G-pattern of the G-dice.

Rule 1

The G-chip you choose to discard must G-color-match the G-dice. If you no longer own any G-chip which G-color-matches the G-dice, throw the G-color-die (only) again.

Rule 2

There are 2 possible types of locations where you may discard your G-chip:

  1. a G-room which G-pattern-matches that of the G-dice
  2. the top of an existing stack of G-chips already on the G-game-board (NOTE: it may be a stack of one G-chip). The top G-chip must G-shape-match that of the G-dice.

NOTE: There is no limit on the size of any stack of G-chips on the board, and the G-pattern of any of the G-chips may bear little resemblance to that of the G-room.

To End the Game

The game is over when all the G-chips are discarded. Each G-player then re-claims the G-chips on the G-game-board. Any stack of G-chips located on the G-room that G-color-match your G-pawn belongs to you. The G-player who owns the most G-chips is the winner.

Game Accessories

From the Basic Game Set

Variation of the Game

Team up with partner(s) to play against opposing team(s). Each team must have equal number of G-players.

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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