GROWBY GAME - Loop-O-Loops

Object of the Game

Score points by closing loops.

To start the Game

Each G-player is given:

Rule of the Game

Each G-player takes turn to roll the G-dice and chooses to do one of the following:

  1. place a G-blank-chip on any unoccupied G-site;
  2. place a G-owner-chip on his own G-territory;
  3. place a G-blank-chip on any G-site which G-color-matches;
  4. place a G-owner-chip on any G-site which G-color-matches, in which case he must pay G$1 (as fee) to the owner of that G-color;
  5. place a G-owner-chip on any G-site which G-pattern-matches, in which case he must pay G$1 (as fee) to the G-bank;
  6. remove from the G-board a G-blank-chip which is in a G-site which G-color-matches, and replace it with his own G-owner-chip, in which case he must pay G$1 (as fee) to the G-bank;
  7. if the G-color-die results in his G-owner-color, he can remove from the G-board a G-owner-chip which is in his G-territory (i.e. a chip which he has placed there previously).

NOTE: You can only place a G-chip on an unoccupied G-site - i.e. You cannot put one over an existing G-chip.

Game Stage 1

Try to arrange the G-chips in circles, for if the G-chip you have just placed happens to close a loop, then you score (according to the Scoring Rules below).

The G-bank should pay your scores in G_money, G$1 for each point.

Game Stage 2

By the time the G-board is cluttered up with G-chips, most of the original curves and loops are no longer noticeable. Probably the only way you can score is if the G-pattern-chips alone form the loop. This new scenario makes removing G-chips (the last 2 choices in "Rule of the Game" above) become strategic.

You cannot score any points by replacing a G-blank-chip in an existing loop with a single G-owner-chip, unless the whole loop consists of G-pattern-chips.

To End the Game

The game ends when the G-board is full, or the players run out of G-chips. The G-player who scores the most points (i.e. own the most G-money) wins the game.


Scoring Rules

You score as many points as there are G-chips forming the loop.

If any of the G-chips forming the loop

NOTE: You can score multiple points if the G-chip you have just placed form multiple loops.

Game Accessories


Doubling Up or Team Works

If there are less than 4 G-players, each player should take on more than one G-color.

Or play as teams for similar effect.


Change the rules about G-chip placement, removal, fee, etc. to suit your fancy.
Score more points if the G-chips form certain patterns, such as triplets, full houses, etc.

Bargain with other players about G-chip placements on their G-territories.

Instead of paying the fee with G-money, pay with G-chips.

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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