GROWBY GAME - Magical Odyssey

NOTE: This is a very sophisticated game with extensive use of symbolism. For the more junior players, please try our GROWBY game of Magical Adventure instead.

Object of the Game

To acquire magical power and tools in order to complete expeditions in search of the ultimate treasures.

Rules of the Game

First of all, you must educate yourself well in the art of Wizardry and Witchcraft (W&W), going through three levels of training. If you are confident, you may even challenge others to duels, in order to expropriate useful possessions from them. Along the way, based on your level of skill, you should collect magical gadgets (such as Healing Potion, Power Pills, and Invisibility Mist) to help you along. Ultimately, you must acquire various tools in order to obtain those elusive treasures.

To Start the Game

Deposit the 28 G-pattern-chips, face down (i.e. pattern side down), on the G-sites with matching G-patterns. Note that since there are exactly 2 sets of unique G-pattern-sites on the G-board, the other set should be covered by 28 G-blank-chips (to serve as decoys). Thus, during the game, a G-player may end up on a wasted expedition, if he lands on a G-blank-chip instead of the G-pattern-chip for which he has intended. (Ahh...but all is not lost, as you shall see in due time...)

Possible Moves During Your Turn

At your turn to play, if you qualify or meet the pre-requisites (as defined for each situation), you can either


If the G-site contains a G-chip, it is yours to keep, providing you meet all the requirements to access the site. Note that the G-chip may be G-patterned (the real McCoy) or blank (a decoy). Part of the strategy is to keep your newly acquired possession a secret, so do not show it to anybody. At this point, your current turn is terminated.

A player cannot G-fly until he has acquired a magic broom, to be bought at the Magic Shop (the G-site marked with a white star ).
i.e. G-move is restricted to G-step, G-hop, G-jump, until you also own a magic broom.

Magic Shop

If you land on one of the 2 Magic Shops (the G-site marked with a white star ), you can buy a broom or a wand.

You must purchase these magical tools with W&W Money, which you have previously withdrawn from the BW&W Bank: $1 for a wand and $2 for a broom.

Also note that you can only buy a magic broom upon producing proof of minimally a level one certificate (from a school, represented by a triangle symbol G-card).

Bank of Wizards and Witches (W&W Bank)

If you land on one of the 2 W&W Banks (the G-site marked with a white diamond ), you can withdraw some W&W money.

Throw the G-number-die, the resulting number is the amount of W&W $ you can withdraw.

Wizards & Witches (W&W) Education

You can be trained up to 3 levels:

The pre-requisite to a Level 1 School is that you must own a magic wand (which you can purchase from the Magic Shop). You will receive a Level 1 Certificate after studying in one of the 3 Schools and passing the required examination (see below).

The pre-requisite to a Level 2 College is a Level 1 Certificate. You will receive a Level 2 Diploma after studying in one of the 2 Colleges and passing the required examination.

The pre-requisite to a Level 3 University is a Level 2 Diploma. You will receive a Level 3 Degree after studying from the University and passing the required examination.

To Pass a W&W Examination

To write an exam, you must be currently inside an educational institute (a G-site with the symbol of triangle ). Throw the G-color-die, and if the result matches the color of your pawn, it implies that you pass the exam. Upon passing, you receive the appropriate diploma (represented by a matching G-card). If you fail the exam., you would have to wait till your next turn to try again.

Educational Entitlement

During your turn to play, depending on which level of W&W education you have, you can throw the G-dice once, twice or thrice. Then you can choose the most beneficial G-dice outcome to play out your turn.

You can throw the G-dice:


Before the duel begins, each duelist should declare the possession (usually represented by a G-chip or a G-card) he wants from his opponent.

To duel, each opponent throws the G-number-die: The challenger first, then the challengee. The higher number wins, unless it is 1 versus 6, in which case the "1" is the winner (analogous to the mouse winning over the elephant). If both G-die outcomes are the same, you must wait for your next turn to duel again.

The one who wins the duel can confiscate one piece of possession from the losing opponent (see first paragraph above). But if the winner has misjudged his opponent's possession (i.e. the loser does not possess what the winner wants), he gets nothing. The one who loses the duel will be incapacitated for a while and shall forfeit 3 turns, unless he has previously collected some Healing Potion () to cure his own injury.

Some Possible Advantages in a Duel

If you have acquired a higher magical skill level, you have more throws at the G-die, as per your educational entitlement (), thus a better chance to win the duel.

You may also double your magical power with a Power Booster Pill () before engaging in the duel.

The Challengee

If you were being challenged to a duel, you must fight; unless you possess a jar of Invisibility Mist () and want to escape instead.

Hints Before a Duel

As a potential duelist, you should carefully evaluate your options, means and circumstances, e.g.

Magical Gadgets

Healing Potions

Each time you land on a Healing Site (a G-site marked by the square symbol), you can acquire the Healing Potion (represented by a square symbol G-chip) there, if one exists.

One Healing Potion is only good for a single injury (see Duel above). To cancel your forfeiture (due to the injury) and to resume your turn in the game, surrender one square symbol G-chip to the G-bank.

Power Booster Pills

Each time you land on a Booster Site (a G-site marked by the circle symbol), you can acquire the Power Booster Pill (represented by a circle symbol G-chip), if one exists.

If you are involved in a duel, you may want to take a pill to increase your magical power. Each booster pill doubles your power during the duel. Surrender one circle G-chip to the G_bank to double your G-number-die score. (Each duelist is only permitted to use maximum one G-chip per duel.)

NOTE: If you choose this option, you must do it before you throw the G-die.

Invisibility Mist

Each time you land on an Invisibility Site (a G-site marked by the heart symbol), you can acquire the jar of Invisibility Mist (represented by a heart symbol G-chip), if one exists.

To escape (say from a duel), splash the Invisibility Mist about you. One jar of mist is only good for one escape - surrender one heart symbol G-chip to the G-bank.

The 5 Treasure Sites

There are 5 Treasure Sites (G-sites marked by the star symbol), each containing a treasure (represented by the star symbol G-chip):

  1. Enchanted Castle contains the Sword of Excelcius
  2. Emerald Lake contains the Black Pearl
  3. Dragon Den contains the Jewelled Chalice
  4. Mystic Mountain contains the Book of Wisdom
  5. Haunted Mansion contains the Magic Crystal

You can only land on any of these 5 Treasure Sites if you possess the required tool to get the treasure. You acquire those tools by visiting the appropriate Tool Sites.

The 5 Tool Sites

To acquire any treasure, you must first go to the appropriate Tool Site (a G-site marked by the diamond symbol) to equip yourself with the proper tools (represented by the diamond symbol G-chip). You need a different tool to access each of the 5 Treasure Sites:

  1. Golden Spikes and Silk Ropes to scale up the Enchanted Castle
  2. Magic Gill and Flippers to dive into the Emerald Lake
  3. Silver Bow and Arrows to shoot the Dragon
  4. Winged Boots to climb up the Mystic Mountain
  5. Blazing Shield to ward off ghosts in the Haunted Mansion

These tools can be found in the 5 Tool Sites:

To acquire these tools and the skills needed to use them, you must have the proficiency of a W&W University graduate (i.e. you must possess a yellow G-card as your W&W U degree).

To End the Game

The game is over when all the 5 treasures have been acquired. The player with the most treasures wins the game.


Exercise Your Memory

In order to play the game effectively, commit all relevant information to memory, e.g.:

To Each His Own

Unless the G-pattern-chip (i.e. Healing Potion, Power Pill, or Invisibility Mist) matches the color of your pawn, it is of no use to you. Even so, you may still want to keep it in order to prevent your opponents from using it.

Spoils from a Duel

Normally, the winner of a duel would like to expropriate some magical tool or treasure from his opponent. But as part of a strategy, he may opt for the loser's magic broom (so he cannot G-fly) or his W&W U degree (so he must re-study again to regain his power), etc.

Game Accessories

Special Game Accessories


Simplified Version

Eliminate the 28 G-blank-chips during the initial setup of the game.

Absolute Mystery

During the initial setup of the game, use the G-chips (the 2 full set of 36, instead of only 28) to cover up the G-patterns on the G-sites, so that the G-players do not even know where he is going (unless they memorize the G-board first - now that's another twist to the game...).

Advanced Version

Designate some special magical power to each of the Treasure to enhance the game.

The Dragon Scales

After you reach the Dragon Den (represented by the orange star symbol ), your job is not done till you successfully tackle the dragon. You can only kill the dragon if the Silver Arrow hits one of its sensory openings: eyes, nostrils or jaw. You only have one chance at this. Throw a G-color-die, if the result matches the color of your pawn, you succeed in killing the dragon; otherwise you forfeit a turn.

After killing the dragon, scrape off a few Dragon Scales from its hind for future use. With the Dragon Scales, you will win any duel, no matter what level of magic your opponent has.

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