To Start the Game

Mix all the G-Chips, face down, and use them to form a continuous maze on the game board, with paths leading to all of the G-entrances.

Rule of the Game

Each player proceeds from his own G-entrance and take turn walking through the maze. i.e. He must walk on the G-Chips, not the empty board.

You can move in any direction, but only one step at a time. Once you land on a new G-Chip, you can either

If the flipped G-chip is blank (i.e. a G-Blank-Chip), there is no assigned game to be played and you forfeit your turn.

If the flipped G-chip contains an assigned game, you must play that game, and

NOTE: If you leave the G-Chip behind, any player who lands on it can play the game, with the possibility of removing the G-Chip himself.

You can keep on moving as long as you're winning.

Any player who is trapped in a cut-off pathway is eliminated from the game (unless he has some G-chips in his possession to build a continuing path forward - see Variation below). The last player left on the board is the winner.

Assigned Game

An Assigned Game is any game (e.g. Poker, Puzzle, Quiz, Yatzee, etc.) which is indicated on the G-chip. Depending on the game, the G-player may either play:

All players must pre-determine and agree on a betting amount before playing that Assigned Game.


Continue the Path

Keep those G-Chips you remove from the board and use them to rebuild new paths. This is especially useful when you have been cut off by your opponents. However, if you cannot win the game assignment indicated by the new G-Chip you've just built with, you're still out.

Remove Only Your Own

You can only remove a G-chip (as defined in [%] above) if the it is your G-owner-chip.

Hide and Seek

Game Accessories

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