GROWBY GAME - Treasure Hunt

To Start the Game

To start, distribute G$108 evenly amongst the participating players. Return the remainder to the G-bank.

Rule of the Game

  1. Each G-player takes turn rolling the G-dice and G-move accordingly. You have a choice of either G-step, G-hop, or G-fly:
  2. If you land on a G-pattern, you earn the matching G-card (treasure). [#] Cover the spot with a G-chip to indicate the treasure has been taken by you and thus no longer available to subsequent visitors. The game is over when all the treasures are gone (i.e. all G-cards have been earned).
  3. Each G-player should arrange his earned G-cards in sets on the G-score-sheet provided. The G-player who scores the highest is the winner.

    To Compute the Score    arrow click


    Be observant of what G-cards other players are earning. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to acquire a G-card that you don't really need just to prevent your opponent from getting it to maximize his own score.

    Don't forget that if you squander all your G-money, your G-movements are severely restricted, thus limiting your G-card earning ability.


    Hide and Seek

    Junior Version

    Instead of working out on the G-score-sheet, simply count the number of G-cards earned. The one with the highest number of G-cards wins. It is quite likely that there are multiple winners.

    Shortened Game

    If all the players run out of G-money, you can stop short at whatever stage you are in and count the score as-is.

    For Travelers - Option 1

    Skip the game board portion altogether by bypassing steps 1 to 3 (first 3 paragraphs in Rules of the Game). Just distribute the deck of G-cards evenly amongst the G-players and let each calculate his own scores.

    For Travelers - Option 2

    Skip the game board portion altogether by bypassing steps 1 to 3 (first 3 paragraphs in Rules of the Game). Each G-player takes turn rolling the G-dice. You earn the G-card which G-both-matches the G-dice if it is still available; otherwise, you forfeit your turn. The game is over when all the G-cards are gone. Calculate your score as usual.

    Memory Challenge

    Do not cover the G-pattern with G-chip as described in paragraph (#). So if you forget that a particular G-card has already been taken, you may waste your G-money by paying to G-move to that G-room for nothing.

    Extra Game Accessories

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    Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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