GROWBY GAME - Viva Vowels

To Start the Game

Each student (G-player) is assigned a different colored set of G-shape-cards. The teacher designates a vowel to each G-shape.

Rule of the Game

The teacher calls out a word. Each student then tries to display the word using his set of G-shape-cards (for the designated vowel(s)) and G-blank-cards (for the consonants). The teacher comes around to check each student's work and gives each a score according to correctness.


Replace the G-blank-cards with alphabet blocks (sans vowels), so that you can actually spell out the whole word, using the G-shape-cards for the designated vowel(s) and the alphabet blocks for the rest.

Game Accessories

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
Updated: 02/12/12
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