GROWBY GAME - Wheel & Deal (Real-Estate)

To Start the Game

A G-chip represents a hotel.

Each G-player is assigned $500 and 10 G-chips which match the color of his G-pawn. (For a game of 3 or less players, it is best that each player takes on more than 1 color)

Rule of the Game

Each G-player takes turn rolling the 2 dice. At the start of your turn, you must pay property tax on all the hotels you own. Property tax is 10% of the hotel rent you can charge, rounded up to the nearest $.

At your turn, you can either

If you choose to G-fly, figure out the shortest route by counting the least number of G-bases you're skipping over to get to your new destination. You must pay $10 per each G-base you skip as flight cost.

Continue with one of the followings:

  1. If you land on a G-base which is empty (i.e. without G-chip) and different from your own G-color, you forfeit your turn to the next G-player.
  2. If you land on a G-base which is empty and the same G-color as your G-pawn, you may build a hotel on the site as long as you have a G-chip to build with. (Note: The color rule applies only to initial purchases). It will cost you $20 to build a one-level hotel once you have purchased the land.
  3. If you land on your own hotel, you may choose to upgrade it, by adding another G-chip on top. It will cost you $20 to build each additional level. You can only build one additional level per turn. Now move on with the G-dice.
  4. If you land on another G-player's hotel, you must pay rent to its owner according to the rate set forth in the 'Hotel Room Rate Table'. Now pass the G-dice to the next G-player while you rest up.

    Any player who runs out of money to meet his obligations has to declare bankruptcy and is then eliminated from the game. His properties will be auctioned off to the highest bidders, with the proceeds going to the Bank.

    The last player remaining in the game is the winner.


    Offer discount to travelers to lure them from competitors.

    Make deals with other G-players to swap properties. Each property transfer costs each involved G-player $50 of registration fee, payable to the Bank.

    Note: the top level of the hotel must indicate your own G-color. Be creative swap the G-chips with the bottom levels of your other hotels. You cannot do any more purchase or swap if you run out of G-chips. The government imposes that no single individual can own more than 10 hotels. But there is nothing from stopping you to own ten 5-star hotels, with others' G-chips.

    If you're worried about the possibility of landing on an expensive hotel, as well as costly airfare, buy a discount voucher for $10. But you must do so before throwing the G-dice. The voucher entitles you to half-fare should you decide to G-fly. You forfeit the voucher if you cannot use it in the current round.

    If you're desperate, you can sell off some of your properties to other G-players. Make any deal legally available to you.

    Make collusion with your partner to price out competitions, corner the market, etc.

    You can demolish one hotel to upgrade another, as long as you pay for the cost of the new one. But you lose the old hotel along with its land - no salvage value.


    Don't spend all your money on hotel purchases or you may be eliminated from the game for defaulting on rent or property taxes.

    Game Accessories

    Land Value Calculation

    You can only build one hotel on each G-base. But you can build another hotel on an adjacent G-base. The cluster of 2 hotels constitute a town and land value doubles. A cluster of 3 hotels becomes a city and land value triples, and so it goes. Thus,

    Hotel Room Rate Table

                           1-star  2-star  3-star  4-star  5-star
    isolated site          $ 5     $10     $15     $20     $25
    2-hotel town            10      20      30      40      50
    3-hotel city            15      30      45      60      75
    4-hotel city            20      40      60      80     100
    5-hotel city            25      50      75     100     125

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