GROWBY GAME - Kid Wizard's Adventure

Object of the Game

To acquire magical power in order to rescue the Pristli Maiden from the fiery inferno of the evil dragon.

First, you must learn all the tricks of the wizard trade by attending all 3 levels of Wizard Schools:

Secondly, you must acquire 3 magical items in order to slay the dragon:

To Start the Game

Each G-player deposits 6 G-blank-chips strategically around the game board, on G-blank-sites only. These G-chips represent magical skills the wizards can acquire throughout the game.

Rule of the Game

Each G-player takes turn throwing the G-dice. He should try to G-move to the destinations which would allow him to fulfill his objectives of advancing from level to level, achieving the final goal of rescuing the Pristli Maiden.

To become a fully-qualified wizard, you must progress orderly from junior to senior wizard schools. (i.e. You must pass elementary school before you can be admitted to secondary school, ditto for university.) And you can only be schooled within your own wizard clan (G-color). (i.e. If you are the Blue Pawn, you must first try to get into the "Blue-Circle" Elementary School.

The next turn around, after you have been admitted into elementary school, you become a graduate and claim your diploma (in the form of a matching G-pattern-card). Now you can move on to the next level. Ditto for university.

While you are between schools, G-moving from one G-site to another (waiting for the G-dice to signal your admission to the next school), you should try to acquire more magical skills (G-chips). Each G-chip you acquire gives you one extra Wz (unit of wizardry power).

Once you graduate from Wizard University, you must acquire the 3 magical items in order to slay the dragon. Each of these items endows you with an extra 10 Wz of wizard power. Note: You can acquire these 3 items in any order; and these items do not have to G-color-match your G-pawn. But if they do, you maximize your magical power - for each G-color-matched item endows you with 12 Wz instead of the normal 10. Keep your acquired items (G-cards and G-chips) to denote your total Wz power.

Declaration of Intention

As soon as you have acquired all the 3 required magical tools, you can stop the game and declare your intention to slay the dragon. At this point, any other wizard may challenge you to a duel. If he is stronger than you, (i.e. has a higher total Wz score than you) and thus wins, he can swap one of your items for his.

The duel champion, if he now possesses all the 3 required magical tools, proceeds to slay the dragon and rescue the maiden, thus winning the game. Otherwise, continue on with the next G-player in turn.


Graduation Qualification

Impose some examinations for each school such that a wizard must pass before he can graduate. (e.g. correctly answer some wizard trivia quiz)

Battle to Acquire More Power

Unless you possess more than 30 Wz of wizard power, you are not strong enough to slay the dragon. So you may need to wage battles with other competing wizards in order to acquire more power.

When it is your turn, you can initiate a duel, the same way as in "Declaration of Intention" above, by challenging a wizard who owns the magical item you desire. If you win the duel, you can swap your item for one of his. If you lose, he can demand a Wz (G-chip) from you as reparation.

After the duel, win or lose, you can proceed with your normal turn of affairs. i.e. Throw the G-dice and G-move accordingly.

Wizard Barter

A more friendly version than the "Battle" version above. You can negotiate with another wizard to trade items, under whatever terms you both agree on.

Combination(s) of the Above

Join up with other wizards to achieve team power. Barter amongst your own team members, and wage battles with members of the opposing team.

Game Accessories

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...   
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