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Welcome, Cyberfolks, to our wonderland of GROWBY, where we are promoting a whole new system of innovative concepts and unique philosophy, inspiring a reform which should revolutionize the society as we know now.

The Two Distinct Virtual Villages at GROWBY

As a CyberVisitor to our Website at GROWBY, you are firstly presented with a web page with two choices: GameLand or Co-Op Community - the two Virtual Villages at GROWBY. You can identify which village you are in by the background color of each web page, or by the appearance of the clickable side-bar. To switch between the two Virtual Villages, click on the [to GameLand] or [to Co-Op] buttons near the upper left-hand corner.

GameLand, as the name implies, is where you can find all the GROWBY games and fun stuff for your recreational enjoyment. (GameLand has a violet background color.)

Co-Op Community is our proposed model, which you are exploring right now - hope you find the touchy-feely stuff heart-warming... Some of the serious business here can be rather heavy-duty, but that is exactly why we need creative intellectuals like yourself to make the difference! (Co-Op has a blue background color.)

The Mission of GROWBY

The Impetus behind our GROWBY Theme merits a full page by itself. We hope you find it inspiring and motivating.

A community can only grow and thrive through the effort and contribution of people, meaning you, in the form of members, workers, volunteers, participants, financial and moral supporters, and so on. Our goal is to attract and integrate all these diverse groups to generate our synergy!

We sincerely hope that you may find our attractions enticing, so that you would keep on coming back for more, giving more and receiving more. The more you give, the more you shall receive. The more you receive, the more you can afford to give.


GROWBY's Targeted Audience

We expect GROWBY to appeal to:

How We Propose to Accomplish Our Goal

Firstly, we lift the strategy from our Entrepreneur Page. The result is our GROWBY GameLand Virtual Village. With our innovative marketing promotions, we plan to kill two birds with one stone (Or is that 4 birds with 2 stones? Oh, whatever...): we encourage expert gamers to perfect our product; and we recruit dedicated and competent volunteers to support our cause. We expect the GROWBY Board Game to become a popular product, by which time we can channel the profit into funding our various programs proposed within the GROWBY Co-Operative Community. Isn't this wonderful, fantastic, and all that jazz?

Our Initial Attempts at the Task

For the time being, due to lack of resources, we can only introduce our concepts as a proposal, prototyping a model without any concrete deliverable, yet (- just give us some more time...). We are hopeful that once we have started the virtual movement, in time, our model would command a solid following. Who knows, once we have started the ball rolling, the sky is the limit as to where it all may eventually lead.

P.S. We welcome your comments and feedback via email. We ask for your understanding that, due to our shortage of resources, we may not be able to respond individually. Please visit us often and check on our Announcement Bulletin, so you may be kept up-to-date on our latest news, interesting progress and exciting development.

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an ideological concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.

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