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What you in your lifetime to other give away,
Is the only wealth that with you will stay.
Martial c40-c103
The surest ways to be happy
Is happiness for others to seek;
A lasting side benefit will ensue
In a character compassionate and meek.
Martin King Jr., 1929-1968
My friend, there is only one road to success,
'Tis the road of service; It truly doth bless.
Henry Ford, 1863-1947
The Good Book says
"We reap what we sow."
When profit isn't shared
It's less likely to grow.
Malcolm Forbes, 1919-1990
If it isn't in your heart
To make happiness and please,
My friend, you have
A kind of heart disease.
Bob Hope, 1903-
I want to be thoroughly
used up when I die;
I want to work hard,
Others lives to satisfy.
George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
Exhaling is necessary
For physical health;
Giving is necessary
For spiritual Wealth.
William Ward, 1921

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