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We here at GROWBY would like to promote life-long education and learning. We welcome you to initiate thought-provoking debates, to exchange philosophical insights with others here at our Philosophers' Corner.

There are many, many, many areas we want to explore. But we will, for the time being, propose to start with some of the followings:


If you perform a thorough psychoanalysis of our GROWBY Website, you will find that it is a symphony of wild and funky logic, interlaced with a harmony of contradictions, each one being a philosophical topic in itself. Please feel free to explore.

A Religion for Today

Does the "fear of God" enforce virtuous behavior? Is that why people nowadays are so lacking in conscience? To eliminate crime, can we invent a modern religion better catered to today's society?

Disruption of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

In the good old days, before the advent of heart bypass, dialysis, wonder drugs, genetic engineering, etc. sickly people simply die their "natural" death, thus having no chance of passing on their bad genes. How does our upset inferior gene pool affect the balance in our universe?

Gulliver's Travels

An atom is a bunch of electrons spinning around the neutron. A solar system is a bunch of planets spinning around the sun. So can we draw analogy between molecules and galaxies, etc., just like the lands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag in "Gulliver's Travels"?

Does the End Justify the Means?

Well, that depends...

The Art of Living Cheap

Many of the unemployed, the semi-retired, professional students, and so on, have experienced such life style. Some have written books about it. Would you? Why or why not?

Diabolic Charity

Would you flip in your grave if your kidney has been donated to a future Hitler?

Style over Substance

How many of you have ever felt that your chance of promotion or special recognition has been sideswiped by an inferior due to charisma or statue, rather than true substance?

Intelligent Species

If whales and dolphins have the same level of intelligence as human, how come they have not progressed the ways we have?


Everything on Earth is programmed for a 24-hour day. What happens if a day has 36 hours? 12 hours?

Your Precious Eyes

If rubbing your eyes is bad for you, why is it such an automatic reaction?

Better Vision

Can eye exercises really improve vision? Ophthalmologists cannot agree. Is the Bates Method nothing but a placebo?

Stress and Laughter

Can one really laugh off stress? Can one think of something funny when one is upset?

Social Fabric

How much does the erosion of our traditional social fabric, such as single household, contribute to stress and poor health, especially mental health?

Saving the Addicts

How about offering a free "joint" to any addict willing to watch a documentary with graphic depiction of the ills of addiction?

Post Traumatic Disorder

Can rescue workers, medical personnel, soldiers, etc. handle it better than the average Joe? How do each type of people deal with it?

High Achievers

Can high achievers seemingly survive on adrenaline alone? and for how long? As long as they are motivated by the sense of accomplishments and recognition, can they keep on depriving themselves of much needed sleep and other nourishment?

e.g. Thomas Edison only slept 3 hours a night. But he catnapped all through the day...

Regular or Erratic

Is it better to lead a regulated life style or to experience the shocks of hunger, fear, fight or flight, etc. in one's living, as the cavemen no doubt did?

Dominance by the Sexes

What led some race or tribes to have females as the dominating gender? Or are we the ones out of balance?

Falling through the Cracks

How can we prevent the less fortunate from falling through the cracks?

Mentor Program

If your parent(s) is/are ignorant and/or uneducated, and your teachers apathetic and/or incompetent, would you not yearn for a mentor to guide you through your growing years? When you go through life experiencing the pain of mistakes and failure, would you not regret that you do not have a mentor to warn you of causes and consequences?

Other Platforms for Discussion

Please also explore our Forum and Scholarly Section for more ideas and insights.

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