GROWBY Program

They are worthwhile projects. They are also ambitious goals. We want to ensure their ongoing success, by planning thoroughly, and proceeding cautiously. We welcome your generous contributions. We need your continuous support and involvement in our ever-growing list of projects:

  1. Game Design Contest
  2. Site Development and Maintenance
  3. Scholarship and Research Funding
  4. Charity Foundation
  5. Self Help Station
  6. Open Forum
  7. Ideas and Innovation
  8. Web-Co-Op Promotion and Development
  9. Career Opportunities and Entrepreneurship
  10. Teacher of the Year Award
  11. Fighting Injustice
  12. Corporate Ethics and Profitability

Fighting Injustice

We would like to support or assist in:

Teacher of the Year Award

If enough students nominate the same teacher, the teacher may be featured on our site, along with all the students' praising comments.

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Disclaimer: GROWBY© is as yet an idealogical concept to be implemented. Any program and entity mentioned on our site are but proposals, not concrete deliverables. We need your generous support to make it a reality.   
Updated: 02/12/12
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