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psycho babble

Psycho Babble at GROWBY

DEFINITION: With the "proper" credentials, you are practicing psychology or psychiatry; without, you are psycho-babbling.

Originally, Psycho Babble was conceived as another form of insightful entertainment at GROWBY. However, just to show you how versatile GROWBY can be, we would also make it into a game. Voilà, enjoy ...

Scripts of the Game

Rules of the Game

We have compiled a collection of scripts depicting various personalities and character traits of a few individuals: some of them are celebrities, some are ordinary folks like you and me, some are factual, some are fictional, and some are half-truths. Some of the scripts are written in the first person, some in the third person. We can't think of how to write a script in the second person yet, but let's not rule out that possibility either.

Each script will be identified by one of our trademark GROWBY symbols. The script may cover any time frame - past childhood, present life, future old age, even pre- or during conception - basically anything which may shape a person's character and behavior.

Object of the Game

The challenge is for you to sort through the mumble jumble and to decide which script(s) belong(s) to which individual. Be forewarned of the curve balls we may throw at you from time to time:


Create Your Own

Come up with your own anecdotes about people you know in common. See if your family or friends can figure out who is whom.

Psycho-Analysis Forum

Feel free to tear the story apart. What is the moral of the story? What are the lessons to be learnt? Analyze and discuss every actor's action and/or behavior. Debate on who's right and who's wrong. Modify the script, invent alternative action plans and hypothesize on the outcome, the pros and cons.

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Disclaimer: This GROWBY© game plan is only the alpha version, to be perfected after our GROWBY Game Design Contest. We sincerely invite your participation - have fun...

Updated: 05/02/02
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