GROWBY Board Game Basic Rules

See also our Glossary for more explanation.

Basic Rules

Board Arrangement

For any game that involves G-players arranging setups on the game board, to avoid building bias into the game, the game board setup should be done before the G-players select their G-pawns.

Assigning the G-pawns

Each G-player can choose the color for his G-pawn via agreement amongst the players themselves, or by throwing the G-color-die. (Throw again if the color has been taken already.)

Default Rules

The Winner

We prefer brevity over obvious details. So we won't mention in the rule things as "who is the winner" if it's obvious that the one with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Length of the Game

When the game ending is based on a certain score being achieved, it is merely a suggestion. The players are welcome to increase or decrease that criteria depending on whether they want a longer or shorter game.

Scoring Rules


Draw a pair of playing cards from a deck. If both cards are red, multiply the points. If both cards are black, add the points. If the 2 cards are of different color, take the higher point of the 2.

Team Partnership


Political Correctness

Please note that as a preference to brevity, our G.I. deliverately ignores the protocol to be politically correct, by using the pronoun "he" instead of he/she or the like.

For your information, our G.I. is a female, so you cannot really accuse her of being bias. Let's just leave it at that. Most people are just so sick of this P.C. crap, anyways.

Playing Cards

Since most people own a deck of playing cards, it is not included as part of the game components, even though some of the games require a deck.

However, for your convenience, Playing Cards can be added to your order as an additional item on the order form.

See also our Glossary for more explanation.

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