The Spices of Life

The following list of anecdotes describe sundry events in different peoples' life. You are welcome to read them for pure entertainment. But they also serve as some of the scripts for the GROWBY game of Psycho-Babble. This is an apt illustration of how versatile GROWBY can be.

Unhappily Married?

Pat: "I don't understand why those two can get married. They are always picking on each other!"

Lily: "Well, you see: they don't really have any big problem - just a few thousand little ones, that's all..." Aah, this is to be one of her more profound observations!

More to be continued...

Loss of Innocence

I had always been a precocious child. People rarely had to tell me, I automatically read into its underlying meaning and responded accordingly.

More to be continued...

Figure Eight

Our neighbor Granny P and I were sitting at the same table. She was playing solitaire and I was practicing writing 1-2-3s. Mom just happened to pass by and saw me drawing two little circles for my eighth number. She was so incensed she yelled: "Why are you so dumb? Can't you even learn how to write a simple number properly?" She picked up my pencil and scribbled the complicated curvy figure to show me one last time. Then she matched off in a huff.

More to be continued...

Future Attractions

To be implemented soon

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