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As the name implies, work-ology is the science about work. Our definition here is by no means formal or official. It simply represents a variety of topics about career, jobs, and incidents happening in the workplace.

The following list of anecdotes depict various issues in work-ology, which is one of the subtopics under Career in Living Poof. You are welcome to read them for pure entertainment. But they also serve as some of the scripts for the GROWBY game of Psycho-Babble. This is an apt illustration of how versatile GROWBY can be. Voilà, enjoy ...

Future Attractions

Drafts under construction - but you may see the sneak previews:

The Miracle Worker

Now that I managed to contain the monster, they could actually begin to see the forest for the trees, or was that the trees for the forest? Oh well, whatever, who cares, the important thing was that I had done it. They were in seventh heaven and I felt like God Almighty ...

So now they were dreaming up and asking for bells and whistles: "Can you do so-and-so?" I told them I would have to look into it. Not receiving a downright "NO" was probably the best thing which had happened to them since sliced bread. Their hopes had been dashed so many times, it was a major delusion that they would even dare to ask for anything, never mind another "impossibility". Well, if they had the faith to hinge so much hope on me, I couldn't possibly disappoint. I was young. I was invincible. (I was also naive, too. But I didn't know that back then.) Those who dares the impossible shall be rewarded, for I am the miracle worker...


Ted was not simply ugly. His face looked deformed. Even though I was never blessed with social agility and grace, I made special effort to be friendly and pleasant to him.

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