Electorial Reform

I am proposing a brand new method of voting. It is designed to address many of the shortcomings of existing systems which I am aware of, such as

None of the Above (NoA)

First and foremost, each ballot always includes the choice of "None of the Above" (NoA). This way, your vote always counts and you don't have to spoil your ballot to make an ineffective point.

How the Votes are Tallied

Let's face it, in the end, it only boils down to the top two candidates, the rest is just noise (splitting the votes and so on). So...

After the votes are tallied, we would consider only 3 counts and their total T:

  1. c1 = the number of votes won by the top candidate C1
  2. c2 = the number of votes won by the runner-up candidate C2
  3. n  = the number of "None of the Above" (NoA) votes
  4. T  = c1 + c2 + n

and work out their rankings as follows:
  1. R1 = c1/T
  2. R2 = c2/T
  3. Rn = n/T

Somewhat Proportional Representation (PR)

If R1 and R2 are very close, with their difference d, say within 0.5% of each other, i.e.
      d = R1 - R2    and    d < 0.5%
instead of a wasteful recount, the seat should simply go to the party which is under-represented in the popular vote. So this is somewhat PR without the difficult implementation problem of seat allocations. Also, we can incrementally up the size of d until a better PR is achieved.

Term of Office

This new system would have a fixed election date, say late September (before the weather turns nasty), every 2 or 4 years.
As far as the term of office is concerned, if
      R1 > 45%,
implying the top candidate C1 truly has the confidence of the voters, and should get the longer term of 4 years, otherwise (R1 < 45%) a shorter term of 2 years. So voters would have a second chance at finding a better candidate after 2 years, instead of waiting for 4 years.

Chance of Selecting a Better Candidate

Alternatively, if the NoA count is very high, say
        Rn > 60%,
implying the voters do not like any of the competing candidates, we may want to consider electing, instead, a runner-up candidate from a neighbouring riding with a lot better showing.

More to Come

If you like my ideas, please contact your MPs to petition for another review on Electorial Reform. This is only a rough draft. It needs a lot of polishing and fine-tuning. We should get some political gurus to work out more relevant numbers for our formulae.

More to Come

Another important area is with leadership, which will be covered in a separate article.

Actually, I still have a lot more to say about Electorial Reform, if time permits. Until then...

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