The Mystery of the Universe

It is a clever trick to include a virtual item to augment the overall permutation, thus increasing the sample size exponentially.

As discussed in the "5 Elements" article:




Quantum Computing makes use of 2 physical (true) states and a transitory (virtual) state to achieve such super speed.

So is it possible that Quinary Encoding consists of 4 true states and a virtual state?

Most likely, the Earth Element is the Virtual State. I base my guess on the fact that it denotes the Middle in the Directions Category (vs North, South, East, West) and denotes Late Summer in the Seasons Category (vs Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

In our Binary Progression:

Should we also explore Octonary Encoding? (as in the Chinese I Ching, Bagua or Pa Kua [八卦], etc.)

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