5 Elements

The 5 Elements [五行]

The "5 Elements" [五行] categorizes all matters, physical or abstract (e.g. by colour, shape, time, season, climate, direction, human organ, etc.). It has applications in all aspects of life in ancient China, even unto now: TCM, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, cosmic prediction, and so on.

I feel like the "5 Elements" is analogous to many of the models or systems discovered in modern science. Consider:

Periodic Table The Periodic Table serves to explain the structure of atoms and molecular bonds. It helps in the discovery of new chemical elements and much more.

DNA Sequence Once the mystery of DNA has been unraveled, new discoveries and inventions related to genetics emerge in leaps and bounces.


I believe this will also be the case with the "5 Elements".

As you know:



So what does the "5 Elements" encode?

Consider the possibilities:



Obviously, the "5 Elements Table" serves as a Rule Book for Humanity. But can it be a lot more? For all I know, the "5 Elements" may help to define the abstract Natural Laws of the Universe, or the fabric of space and time. I wish I could get Einstein or Stephen Hawkings interested.

How did the ancient Chinese come up with such an intricate and systematic concept? I suspect they were inspired by Ancient Aliens, just as the Mayan Calendars, the Pyramids, etc. (Yes, there were Ancient Aliens in China, as evident from archaeological artifacts uncovered in Sanxingdui or Three Star Mounds). draft copy


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